Wednesday, 30 June 2010

It's Kinda Like Kid Crack

We have been doing foster/adoption care since 1989 and have many periods of "swinging doors" - kids in and out in rapid secession. We kept boxes of clothes in the attic of every size and used them often.
We're not in one of those seasons now.
There are nine kids at home and all of them are permanent. The final group will be adopted in the next few months.
And then we will be done.
When we last filled up our home with adoptions it seemed like we were done.
Not so.
They grew up and left - some to soar and some to crash and we were down to 4.
4 kids was just weird. We all felt it.
We ran the dishwasher a couple times a week and we fit in small cars and people actually invited us over for dinner.
Weird. And pretty much boring.
There was a call to fill the house - just one more time.
So by the time that Samuel (6) graduates we will have been in the kid business for 44 years.
I think we will be done with this group.
But I did drop off the last of the paper work to D.H.H.R. yesterday to keep our foster care license current - you know.....just in case.


jen said...

Just in

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your heart. We to foster. We have one adopted and one to be adopted soon. Would love more.... I don't know how you do it. Do you guys go through the County or a private agency? We are through a private agency. Just seems like it takes forever to have permancy.

Vickie said...

God's blessings to you and the whole bunch. I'd love to have 20 something kids at home at any one time. So far we only have 6 at home and another 3 are grown and gone. Our 6 at home are adopted and trying to convince dh to adopt more hasn't been easy. Still working on him with prayer :) I wish I hadn't let our license expire. I'm told this means starting the process over. Will keep plugging away though :)

Pj said...

Your place sounds much like mine! We have 17 "yours, mine, ours and theirs", with 11 currently at home for the summer. We also foster and have two with us (that's the "theirs" part). Our license is to be renewed in August, and like you, we think that we're done. But we'll still renew our license since we don't know what's happening with our foster kiddos, and if the case plan went adoption, we'd love to keep them. Like you said "Just in case!" Earlier this summer we had 5 at home at is was super weird. Way quiet. How can that be? Moms with lots of kids home are just used to a higher decibel level!