Monday, 28 June 2010


Yesterday we invited the McKenzie family to a camp out in the backyard. It was great fun - although our 50+ year old bodies are questioning the wisdom of sleeping on the ground when we have a perfectly wonderful mattress a few hundred feet a way in the house.
David assembled the six tents and helped keep the fire burning in our new fire pit. Every single boy was compelled most of the day and night to throw additional wood on the fire, as the propensity for pyromania seems stamped into the male gene. Never mind that it was over 90 degrees - we sure weren't going to freeze to death with that fire roaring.
James devised an nontraditional cook stove over the fire which appeared to be two rails from an old car roof rack supporting the round surface from an old charcoal grill. Despite it's ghetto appearance, it worked well and we had baked beans and hot dogs for dinner. Some of the kids preferred to impale their hot dog on the end of a long stick and drag it through dirt and ashes before eating it.
After a night swim to extinguish some of that campfire heat from our bodies, we assembled the smores brigade and told scary stories. Other than the cat finding my tent and throwing up discarded hot dogs and marshmallows on my blanket, we had a restful night.

ahh.........summer memories.


jen said...

Wow, that looks like fun!

crzy4myfam said...

That sounds like a blast! We love camping and smores/story time is a favorite! Great memory making!