Tuesday, 15 June 2010

He's Arrived

Last week Isaiah became a teen!

In our family that means he is no longer a "middle" but has joined the ranks of the "bigs". A big gets to stay up with us and watch a tv show at night, go for night swims, and make more decisions on their own.

But more then a package of benefits the real change in our family when you become a big is the added responsibilities. You take on the care of one of our "littles". Littles need assistance at the buffet when we eat out - they need help finding their glasses, reaching a plate, pouring their own cereal and tying their shoes. Bigs have to be peace makers, not quarreling with their brothers or sisters. Their work load around the house increases as does their weekly allowance.

Although the work in this new teen role out weighs the pleasures, it is a coveted place to be.
And Isaiah is up to the challenge. He whispered to me the night of his birthday, "I'm going to be a great teen and I won't give you any bad attitudes, ever."

This may be the kid to do it!

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