Monday, 21 June 2010

Just Summer

The first day of summer makes me incredibly happy with life. Just saying it makes time seem to slow down. I've never gotten over the thrill of a summer stretched out ahead of me. I mark down all the camps and commitments and appointments until September and then fill in enjoyment around them.

One perfect pleasure of summer is sleeping in. Not for me. I try to get up crazy early each morning, knowing that I could have an hour or two or could it possibly be three hours, to myself, before the kids waken. When they come down to the kitchen still sleepy after nine o'clock, I'm ready for them - a few cups of coffee and sweet solitude under my belt.

I love to watch the kids hair slowly turn, just a little blonde, as they run around in bathing suits and flip flops and - who needs a bath when you swim in the pool all day?

There's not much that isn't perfect about summer.

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