Monday, 12 April 2010

Two of our Bigs

AnnaClaire and Grace.

Sisters and best friends and now they are thinking about their future. Of all the kids I have homeschooled, these two are the first that will graduate from the house to the world. Next year will be their senior year and the planning has begun in earnest.

It's exciting and scary and I love being a part of the planning.

Among the things that they are considering, is the possibility that they may go separate paths. Although some sisters would consider this a good thing - AnnaClaire and Grace do not. They share a bedroom, a classroom, a social life and a world and neither are sure who they are without the other.

Maybe this would be considered unhealthy by some. Maybe some, like me, see this as the way a family should be. I like the way the compliment each other, encourage and enjoy each other. This closeness is a wonderful dress rehearsal for other relationships that they will have as adults.

So the plans are taking shape. College for one and not for the other. Interests explored, options prayed over.

This nest will miss these two sisters.


jen said...

I see it only as a good thing. Large families have their bonds between sibs that are stronger since it is not always mom+kid or dad+kid. As they grow up their friends will go seperate ways but their sisters will stay close even when there is a distance.

Emily said...

It sounds beautiful. (and a lot like my Rachel and Beth who at 10 and 11 still sleep in the same bunk of their bunkbed)

I think you're right about it setting a great stage for adult relationships. And who better than your sister to call and tell about your new school or new job. Someone who knows you THAT well.

Love it.
They're really cute btw.

Anonymous said...

Love them! So exciting to be graduating.

Fifi said...

Hi Kate.... I have loved reading and learning about these two girls. What a blessing they have such a close bond.... that's something every mother wishes for their kids!! Exciting times ahead!