Thursday, 22 April 2010

Real Men Use Shovels

When a boy at our house reaches a certain age, he is given increasingly harder physical jobs. Often the work is outside as we have 3 acres to maintain. Recently David dug a fire pit for our campfires and that left four very large mounds of dirt.

And that's where Isaiah's work training began. He had a set amount of days to move the dirt to a new location and he was expected to work at it till it was done properly. Surprisingly, he had a great attitude - not a single complaint.

Yesterday was the deadline to have the job finished and he was still working when I called everyone in for dinner. He knew he would have to miss church and his heart was broken, as was mine, when we all drove away and waved him goodbye.

And yet, what quiet pride he had when we returned and he had accomplished his task. I see a good man in his future.


jen said...

How old is he? I try to get James (7) and Jonah (9) to work and they are very resistant.


Emily said...

That type of 'boy' who turns into that type of 'man'...makes for a mighty good husband. ;)