Monday, 5 April 2010

King of Stink

I've come to understand that any time you put a large group of young boys together there is bound to be some competition lurking around the corner. But this was ridiculous!

Sitting on the couch with Ezra last night after a full day of outdoor play, I smelled something. After sniffing around, I realized that Ezra had armpit B.O.. I explained to him what it was and also told him I was surprised that already at age 7 he had to start using deodorant. Elijah, age 10, overheard the conversation and came running. He insisted that I couldn't be right about Ezra and had to sniff the offending armpit for himself.
Well, now he was mad. How come Ezra at 7 already had B.O. but he didn't? When was he going to get it? How can you make yourself get it? Would Ezra now grow armpit hair before him and etc......

I tried to explain that B.O. isn't something that people are happy to have but he wasn't hearing me.
Somehow, in the male kingdom, Ezra, with his stench had just moved up a notch and that was that.

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Joseph Peter Guidara said...

First Of All He Is 7 ,Second He Has No Armpit Hair ,Third He Can't Sweat That Much At 7 .Forth Sweat Doesn't Smell Without Hair ,I'm 44 And Shave My Armpits ,Sweat Like Crazy But Don't Ware Any Deordorant And Still Have No Order .My Advice ,Stop Wasting Your Money ,Wash Your Kid And Teach Them To Wash ,Let Him Be A Kid .Just My Opinion !!!