Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Slow Down - You Move To Fast

Life is always busy but the last few weeks have been over the top crazy.

I started reading a book called "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" but was too rushed in the morning to spend any time in it.

I made a decision to not worry or work on anything that didn't occur in the next 5 hours. So with no time alloted for planning or preparation, life has completely spun out of control. The bus is coming around the corner and I'm yelling, "Get your shoes on, find your book-bag" as I'm throwing piles of papers off my desk looking for the stupid field trip form that's due today knowing there's about zero chance of finding the check book too. There's really no way of making the wash cycle go faster when your son is trapped in his boxers waiting for his work pants to be clean. And no 3 year old in the world will gulp down his cheerios on command so that you can get out the door faster.

"Stop and smell the roses" is a joke. I'm lucky to catch the putrid odor of the potatoes that I was going to make for dinner two weeks ago, rotting in the pantry or that smell from the rim of the toilet when you don't scrub it for two weeks.

And then there's Whitt, the new puppy, whose only desire in life is to sleep in my lap. He really doesn't care what time it is or how much there is to get done - he needs me to sit still so he can get some rest from his strenuous puppy life. And I do! Sometimes for an hour at a time.

He's a sweet black and brown excuse to check out of all the madness and I love him for it.


jewlsntexas said...

Oh I can so relate to THIS!

And when my babies were little - the added benefit of breastfeeding was that everything else got to stop just to sit and cuddle with them. I am so glad I was never able to pump one bottle. Otherwise I'm so squirrelly I would have never been still long enough to just let myself enjoy the luxury of holding them.

Emily said...

So even you have rotting potatoes once in awhile? yeah!

Hopefully your daughter is still there and THAT is the main reason that you're so busy. You're just having fun w/ normally far away grandkids. :)

Warm Fuzzies, Jul said...

Thanks God's goodness for Whitt! Sounds like he's the best thing that could've happened to you right now. How can you resist those puppies eyes? YOU CANT! HA! So what if it takes a 4 legged critter to get you to stop... I say scoop up the 3yr old and the box of Cherrios along with Whitt and pop in a movie. The rest of the fam can fix a meal and the teenager can certainly get his own pants... tell him next time he can just go to work in his boxers! See how attentive he'll be then! Everyone WILL survive! I say enjoy today cause you never know if tomorrow will come...

Jenni said...

I'm definitely planning on slowing down...in about 18 years!