Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Folder Books

Our science class did a "folder book" while studying fish the last few weeks. I had never done one with the kids before - they looked really hard and I don't exactly excel in the craft department, but they were easy. While studying the subject, the kids cut out all kinds of cool little books and write the information they learned in them. There's so much cutting, folding and pasting that the note taking becomes fun and creative instead of a chore.

And yes, there is a wolf in the back of the class. We began a study of wolves this week and Tim came dressed for the occasion.

I love homeschool.


Emily said...

I was going to mention the wolf, but thought that might be rude. You never know...might be some lupine guest or something.

jen said...

I had to click on the photo to find out what I was seeing in the back of the class! funny

I love homeschooling too. The file folders look very cool.


Kathie said...

There are some of us who love it that you love home school, and are so willing to share with our children! I loved the books.

Thank you for all that you do!

deana said...

wow!! i have tried to do folder books with just my two boys and it turns into a task. looks like you did a great job and all survived:-)

hope all is going well........

Fee said...

You got me at first...... I wondered what huge breed of dog was sitting in your dining room!!!!!

Good on you..... great homeschooling! awwwww I miss it!