Friday, 4 April 2008

10 inches of Hair

The other night at a viewing I got to see many friends that I hadn't seen in years. Lots of them (like me) had much shorter hair than last time I had seen them, which inevitably led to someone saying they had donated their hair to locks of love.
I've never really talked about this with anyone because it sounds so wrong, but I'm not sure I believe in "Locks of Love". Not that I believe it's wrong to give hair to someone going through cancer. When Grace went through two years of chemo, we bought hats of every type imaginable to cover her very cute but extremely bald head.

What I often have a hard time with is, that all this donated hair really goes somewhere. I can name quickly about 10 people who I know that have donated. I don't think I've ever- ever heard of someone receiving a wig from this hair (and we have spent a lot of time on the oncology ward.)

And how can they take that hair and make a wig? Do they put different people's donations together into one wig? Do they have people who sit and separate the hair and lay it straight and find matches and bundle it really carefully and put it in baggies? If all this is true, why haven't I seen this on "World's Dirtiest Jobs"?

What if "Locks of Love" is an urban legend and beauty shops all over the world are selling all this hair for.......... okay, what would you do with all this hair?

Maybe I'm wrong about all this. Let me know.


jewlsntexas said...

Where we live there are tons of people who donate to a different organization because Locks of Love charges patients for the hair that they got for free. Seems wrong to me. But this is a little known fact.
I just read on the website "in compliance with our privacy policy Locks of Love does not provide info regarding donations that we receive." Meaning, we do what we want and you can't ask us questions.
You can go to their site and see a "recipient gallery" so evidently someone is getting this hair.
I have a strange feeling about it too.

Emily said...

tongue in cheek, eh?

Of course it goes 'somewhere'. At least it's not on my bathroom floor anymore. :)