Sunday, 20 April 2008

"Expelled" Movie Review

Last night a group of us saw the movie, "Expelled" with Ben Stein. It's his documentary on the present scientific climate toward anyone who has any discussion about Intelligent Design as the origin of life. He interviews scientists (and not all Christians) who questioned the Darwin theory and reports on them being dismissed from their jobs and places in the scientific community.
Ben is Jewish and in his personal search for truth, goes to the concentration camps in Germany to see first hand where Darwin's beliefs of natural selection are played out to the fullest. He concludes that as our society takes a Creator out of the creation, it sweeps away morality and value of life.
Ben does a fantastic job with the subject and he brings his usual humor along.
This is a must see for everyone!! Take your older kids-take everyone to this movie. It's only playing in select theaters, but is well worth a drive.


jen said...

wow... i have to see this


jblieu said...

It was very good.

Emily said...

I'm very interested!

patrick said...

Just saw Expelled, it would seem that Ben Stein's movie is designed to promote dangerously-free thought