Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fools in the Pool 08

We held our annual "Fools in the Pool Day" and had quite a few kids who fit the name.

James opens the pool every year the first weekend in April and swimming starts usually in May. Although it was mildly warm outside, the water was icy cold.

Every year one of the kids decides that they're not getting in this time - I take it as a sign of wising up and maturity...the other kids just think they're getting to be boring adults.

This years crew was particularly crazy with some of them getting in many times.

Summer's coming!! I'm ready!!! So ready!


Anonymous said...

Our first day is usually in late May and my video is usually identical - shrieks as they take the icy plunge! I can hardly wait too.

Perri said...

It's like your own Polar Bear Plunge every year. Only your name is much more fitting.

Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

That was a super fun post. Brave, brave kids.
And thank you for your nice words on my blog this morning. You're right. I'm so loveable, what's up with her...that's what I say. :)

Anonymous said...

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