Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Re-Re Cycle

This week's homeschool craft was from our history curriculum. (We're using "The Story of the World" with activity pages.) We have to make a statue of Alfred the Great and we needed four half gallon milk cartons for the base. At our house we buy milk in kegs, not half gallons so I had to look elsewhere to get them. Today was garbage day and I decided to set out early and pick through people's recycling bins before they were collected. I scored all four half gallons on our block and made some interesting observations in doing so.

#1 Bottled beer is preferred over canned beer
#2 Beer is preferred over milk, orange juice or soup
#3 Many people drink beer while reading the paper and don't appear to eat
#4 Our family drinks more Sunny D than anyone else in our neighborhood
Either no one eats canned vegetables or no one likes to wash out the cans

I'll show you the finished project tomorrow.


Perri said...

I didn't know we were neighbors! You sound like you live down the street.

Emily said...

This post made me laugh out loud.

Milk in kegs?

hahahahah. Only a family of 8 can say that. (or whatever your current at home number is)

ConservaChick said...

Funny post. 1st time stopping by (although I've seen you comment on some of my favorite blogs). Glad I did! ~Karlie

call*me*kate said...

Is a keg bigger than a gallon? Bigger than a breadbox? Just curious. We only have 3 kids and I buy 5 gallons a week. A keg might just be what we need. Have you considered getting a cow?

Now I'm curious as to how one makes a statue with milk cartons.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

EEEEMommy said...

Like Karlie, I'm stopping by after reading so many of your hysterical comments on friends' blogs. It's much easier for me to cry than laugh, so I'm always searching out friends to help with the latter. (it takes the pressure off dh) ;)
It's nice to meet you and your beautiful crew!

JustJuggling said...

I never thought to buy milk by the keg but I should try it. I loved your post it made me laugh as we have also analyzed our neighbors recylcling. Thanks for commenting on my blog.