Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Layla Grace

Our granddaughter Layla Grace is 2 this week.
She is everything a 2 year old should be...without the "terribles".
Her parents threw a fitting party complete with friends, family and a new tricycle.
She is adored by all -
as it should be!!
(Layla, tell mommy you want to come to Grandma Kate's house.)


Perri said...

Multiple headresses to chose from - now that's a party!

I'm gonna have to use that line for Sophie
(tell mommy you want to come to Grandma Kate's house), except change the name because Soph does have a grandma Kate.

Emily said...

I also liked the MULTIPLE tiaras....a true princess. :)

Fee said...

Adored..... of course! All princess's should be! She is such a pretty little thing!