Friday, 9 November 2007

Ode to Alfred

Here stands Alfred the Great....defender of England against Viking invasion.... on a milk carton covered in faux rock (crumpled paper bag). The project was fun- minus the hot glue that stuck to the tip of my finger and hopefully his place in history will remain in my kids brain just a little longer.

*History lesson learned from Alfred the Great - If you want to beat the invaders, build up your army first, physically and spiritually. Which is good advice no matter what or whom the enemy is. Whenever I feel like I'm losing the battle, I know I need to run to the Word and get strong.

On Alfred the Great's real statue in England there is a plaque that says, "Alfred's name will live on as long as mankind shall respect the past." And here he is standing on my kitchen table all these years later.
Alfred's so cool.


smallgreenriver said...

Why didn't you blog about your boo-boo?

Emily said...

I don't know him. Isn't that sad? But I plan on getting to know him when my kids get a little older.

I get to learn things that I never learned before. pretty cool.

(and way to throw in a spiritual truth among the milk job project...)

Karasmith said...

What an amazing art teacher you are!! You have really come a long way from the VBS crafts that would make you cry!