Sunday, 4 November 2007

Appliances Are a Girl's Best Friend

Unfortunately one of the tiles in front of our kitchen sink has a large crack in it. (and "nobody" did it....we asked.) For the last few days, water has been seeping up when you step down on it. Then yesterday we found a puddle further down the floor by the refrigerator. Most broken objects or weird occurrences are somehow a direct result of some nefarious action from one of our kids but this one we couldn't pin on anyone.
James spent some time crawling around on the floor and discovered the water source was near the dishwasher. And that made sense because it had been making a terrible noise lately when we ran it. It normally makes a sound as it grinds up large food particles but this noise was as if someone's arm was shoved down in there and was being chewed up to the elbow. James pulled the dishwasher out and found under it a place where water was shooting all over and one of Grace's many lost retainers. (At a replacement cost of $75 which she had labored many hours to pay back.)
It was time to replace the dishwasher, so after a beautiful wedding yesterday on the way to pick up our kids who didn't attend, we stopped at Home Depot. My daughter Kelly and I looked lovely in our dresses and cute shoes. James was dashing in his suit and tie. That's a problem. Next time your in Home Depot look around. Before people head to Home Depot they rummage around in their dresser drawers to find their nastiest outfits. Guys are drawn to the sweatpants with the oil stains- topped by a too small t-shirt so you can just see a little stomach hair poking out. For the women either the sweat pants or maybe the too small jeans with a "big shirt" to cover the butt. As we checked out the dishwasher selection people were WE were wrong.
Selecting the dishwasher. This was difficult. We checked out - how many wash cycles, energy saving features, advance filters, noise reduction enhancements, capacity, multiple wash levels, and on and on. I was getting confused and sick of looking at them after a couple of hours. I opened one model from the group of ten we had narrowed our selection to and it had a lovely gray interior with gray racks. The gray was soothing and I could picture our dishes looking lovely against the gray. Sold!
Sadly it won't come for a few days, so don't come here for dinner. I'm thinking I could parlay this whole mess into eating out a lot. If not, invite us over to your house to eat. (There's nine of us and two of them only eat macaroni and cheese.)


Perri said...

We had this same problem before. Water squishing up from the wood floor. Dishwasher leak - only where Bill didn't tighten something when he installed the new one.

Go for the paper plates!

jewlsntexas said...

We had this same thing happening in our bathroom - we had water getting under the tiles on a slighly unlevel floor (drawback of an old house).
There are pictures of the cracking tiles and our new wood floor which I haven't finished finishing in this album -

Sounds like fun going to Home Depot all dressed up!

smallgreenriver said...

I just hate paper plates.

Emily said...

I have nothing clever to add about your dishwasher fiasco....BUT...I was in Sams Club today after church and while I was grabbing the jumbo package of toilet paper, I thought of you.

Now how does THAT make you feel? :) haha

Kathie said...

UGG! We just had to replace our ENTIRE bathroom floor (all the way down to the studs) because our dishwasher was leaking and instead of coming out front in the kitchen it went in between the walls and seeped under the bathroom linoleum. I noticed the floor in the bathroom feeling a little warped and we pulled the linoleum back and it was moldy. BAD, BAD, BAD. BUT the good news is we are getting an AWESOME new bathroom (a new tub that is awesome beyond words). I'm way too excited. BTW The dishwasher was fine, it was just a hose connection gone bad.

When we were waiting for the dishwasher to be fixed we used LOTS of plastic plates, bowls and utensil. All but Tav that is, but washing for one person compared to 9 (actually I think we are up to 10 right now, I've lost count) isn't so bad.

My fingers seemed to be turbo charged, I had coffee at Julie's tonight.