Friday, 22 May 2009

Who me Scared?

I've spoken to some moms who are a bit nervous about their teens starting to drive. I may have been nervous at one time, but over the years I've seen the tremendous value of a driving teen and I encourage my kids to get their license when they're ready. I've had very few teen driving problems, although at one time we counted and 5 of our kids had a fender bender while Grace was strapped in her little car seat with them. One of the accidents was before she had more than a 50 word vocabulary and she repeated, "Car...go go boom" for days afterwards.

With 10 kids in the house and only one kid driving, I've been pushing Grace and AnnaClaire to get their permit. And they tried. Repeatedly. Apparently the West Virginia learners test is difficult.

But yesterday they did it. Both girls passed the test!! There was a little screaming going on at the D.M.V.

So I now start the part where I teach them to drive. I tell myself that it doesn't matter if I die, I know I'll go to heaven. Actually, our first drive wasn't that bad at all. I've had way worse. And soon, I'll have two more drivers to run people where they need to go. Yea!!


Emily said...

I'm with you...I am ALL ABOUT having more drivers in my house. I don't mind one bit.

and I've heard that West Virginia learners tests are extremely difficult. No worries.

Samantha said...

It blows my mind to see the girls with driver permits. What a milestone for both of them! I feel old...

jen said...

I used to be the over-cautious one but am now in your camp. We have 2 about to turn 17 and two about to turn 16 so yea, time to get busy!!