Sunday, 24 May 2009

Watch Me Float

With our 3 additional kids, we have a "Swimmie" swarm. Swimmies are the little arm flotations that you buy at Wal-mart for a dollar. Although a dollar sounds cheap, I can tell you with great certainty that Wal-mart is still making a substantial overhead on them. Their life expectancy is about 10 swimming hours. On a boy who bites and chews things, the number drops to about half hour. And the stores completely run out of them by the end of June, so I have to buy at least 50 of them to last the season. This year I could end up short.
Still, you have to have them. And with my kids swimming so early this year, I'm not about to jump in and save a "drownder" while the water is this cold.
I'm hoping to teach at least one or two of the boys to swim by the end of the summer, thus reducing the swimmie consumption for next year.
And it takes a manly boy to wear pink swimmies.


jen said...

I can't believe your kids have been swimming already... we open our pool tomorrow. Yes, I have a good sized pile of arm bands. And yes, they do not last. lol

KarenW said...

Brrr! It's been a cold spring. Hopefully they'll have lots of warm summer days for swimming and their floaties will last all summer.

Duckygirl said...

"it takes a manly boy to wear pink swimmies" true! :)