Saturday, 16 May 2009

Saturday Soccer

Today was Jeremiah's last soccer game in the Upward League. His first game was awkward - having never played before, he stood on the field biting his shirt. Over the last few months, his very kind and patient coach has made him into a real player.
I love when he stops in the middle of the game and waves to me. And what could be more perfect for a 5 year old with 64 times more energy than his mother, than spending the day running up and down the field? I sit in a chair and do nothing (I do sometimes watch the game) and he plays. I'll miss soccer.


Emily said...

Soccer...yep. Tried that one. You're correct that it's a great energy waster. But I ended up having to wave my arms dramatically and tell kids that they were going the WRONG WAY often....(my husband was the coach)

So I got really tired out. (oh, and I shucked balls...not fun either.)

Fifi said...

Aw...ww Kate , he loves you! You are such a special person in his life!