Friday, 8 May 2009

God's 3 Ring Circus

I have been having a text discussion with my daughter in Chad, Africa, about being called to extreme living.
She certainly qualifies, as the heat this time of year never goes under 100 degrees, even at night. They have not had electricity for many months and now the same rebel forces that caused them to evacuate the country last year, are on the move again.
Our family life is extreme in size. Yesterday we added the two young brothers of our new eleven year old to the bunch. That gives us....(counting) 10 kids at home.
My daughter and I were remarking how interesting it is that this extreme living certainly does not come through our own abilities. Kirsten is a home-body (hard to be in Africa) and I told James when he asked me to marry him that I would, but that I wasn't interested in having any kids.
Wouldn't life be boring without God?!


Emily said...

Great points. God knows us better than we think. ;)

I married and said, NO KIDS, to Jim. Currently we're not to the extreme 10 yet at home. Maybe someday I'll be able to beat you.

Pray for people to let us FIX OUR ROAD...and maybe I can catch you. *sigh*

Your daughter inspired us spoiled, pampered Christians here in the U.S. It's awesome that she's letting God work through her. She inspires me.

jen said...

Yes life would be boring without God. I have to stop and count all the time. lol

Perri said...

Had I known the part about no kids, I wouldn't have had food in my mouth and wouldn't be cleaning up my surrounding area now.

Praying for your daughter's safety.

KarenW said...

His plans continually amaze me. I NEVER imagined that I would marry a cop who would give it all up to be a missionary and that God would give it back again.