Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Nope, not there!

I've Christmas shopped all over the internet and the FedX and UPS men have learned to parallel park around White Boy and dodge my ferocious dog as they deliver box after box of- free shipping- 80% off- goodies for all the people on my list.
I piled it all up in my room.
Then today I had to go out and I wasn't taking the kids. I know them - I was one of them.
So I hid them. In a great place that they'll never figure out.
So all my lovely children who read my blog.......
Give it up. You'll never find them this year.


Emily said...

WHAT? no hints as to where they are? dang.

Anonymous said...

You have a great hiding house.

jen said...

Mine have already been through theres and even admitted it to the point of making suggestions. Funny, we can't keep secrets here.