Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I Could Be In the Know

I want to keep up with current events, but I only know what's going on in Jeremiah's kindergarten class this week.

I want to understand which countries are at war and the political reasons behind it but I only know which kid is mad at the other for using the Wii too long.

I want to spend time sipping tea with my friends and hearing about their lives and loves but I only sit and listen to what happened when the boys went around the block on their bikes .

The food network has incredible meals that I want to cook (or have someone cook for me) but we have to be at church early on Wednesday nights so chicken nuggets on a cookie sheet will have to do.

I want to pray for missionaries around the world but my heart is full of petitions for my kids.

There are shelves of books I'd love to read but Curious George and the Pancake Breakfast is the current favorite.

The world is moving on and managing without me.

It's a small job, but someone has to do it.


Emily said...

That was like a beautiful poem.

You know the verse...'a time for...'

There will be time, right? (please say right, 'cause I wanna hope that there will be time for all of that too!)

jen said...

But you make a difference.
You impact the world by touching
the life of a child which is eternal. All those other things
will pass away.

You lay up your treasures in heaven.

But you know that. ;)

hugs - jen

justjuls said...

This is a great perspective -

Lane said...

I hear ya!

smallgreenriver said...

and it seems you've moved past the poop in the diaper...

Perri said...

great post about priorities :) and yours are in the right place.

simplysharon said...

I Love That!

Karasmith said...

It is a small job to some, but I know a few people who think it is pretty important. And you're so darn good at it!! (that's the sound of my own horn tooting)

Kirsten said...

Thanks, Mom, for your awesome sacrifices. There are around 50 people floating around this world who are better because you did. We are the testimony of your crowns waiting for you one day. I love you!!!!! (And I know you think I'm being sappy but deep down, you love it!)