Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Getting to Know You

As our new boys have become more comfortable here they've decided it's safe to come out and be themselves.
That's always an interesting time in foster care. Affectionately called the end of the honeymoon period. I know that personally I could have used a few more weeks of honeymoon.
But here we are in what often seems like the clash of planets.
Such as....
Lots of kids are amazed that lying is considered bad.

Stealing is as practical a means of attaining things you want as is purchasing and actually preferred. I know I've said 453 times, "If you didn't buy it and no one bought it for you and you have it, it's called stealing."

Our family is as foreign to these kids as sushi. They don't understand forgiveness, putting others first, humility and certainly not vulnerability.

We took them to see The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol and had to talk with them about clapping for the people on stage. They thought it was weird.

We were wrapping presents for the boys' teachers and one of them was a little embarrassed. He wondered what "all the other kids" were going to think about him giving the teacher a gift. I explained that lots of the kids would bring the teacher presents. He was sure that was wrong.

As our cultures and values run head long into each other at first, I wait for them to fall in love with us and therefore our faith and beliefs as well.

Is it too much to hope that they give up their wrestler affectation?


Perri said...

It would really be nice if you could "civilize" them in the next 2 days.

Christmas should be interesting.

mary grace said...

Yowza. The closest we've come is a 2.5 year old who had no clue that bashing another 2 yo's head in an attempt to get something was an issue. Not to mention her preference for calling women "b*t*c*e*s". Somehow easier to take in a toddler, ya know?

Emily said...

Lucky you. Lucky them. Seems like a perfect fit to me.

Kelly said...

Well at church they seem two all enjoy it, Jeremiah is very obedient and helpful. I loved teaching him last Sunday, and wish I can continue. All you and Poppa have done to teach him to obey his elders. He is a good kid at least at times. At church he was a great help, with everything.

JenIG said...

I just think what you do is amazing and inspiring.
: )
Merry Christmas!

Happyhome said...

You are an amazing woman! May God bless you in ways you never imagined as you continue to minister to His kids!