Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Well Here You Are

Our three new boys are settling in perfectly.

In a foster care home, perfect means there's been no blood and nobody has run away.

It's hard moving to a new home for reasons you don't really understand. Grown ups don't usually tell these kids things. Things like, what your life is about to become and for how long.
So the littlest guy jumped in my arms and said, "Hi Mom".....the oldest tried to become invisible and the middle boy adjusted in a middle kind of way.

It's actually been great. Beyond great.
The boys have run straight into every rule and way we do things and have tried very hard to make it work.
They now know that..
1. You should sit down while you eat your dinner.
2. You aren't allowed to give each other the finger when you're mad.
3. Urine must be flushed - every time.
4. When a parent calls your name they expect you to respond in some tangible way.
5. Touching the breast of every girl mannequin in Kohl's is unacceptable.
6. Mom will be home every day and even cook dinner.
7. Poppa won't hurt you.
8. You can't sleep with all your Halloween candy.
9. Having sisters is great and they can turn the Wii on.
10. This family loves Jesus.

I give this group an A+ for adjusting.


justjuls said...


Urine must be flushed every time... ha ha ha

Lane said...

It's nice to have more testosterone in the family.

Perri said...

You should needlepoint those rules (at least #2) on a couch pillow.

Emily said...

haha! what perri said....

jen said...

Boys are a trip. Our last three (as you know) are boys. One time James peed on the side of Bekki's bed because someone was in the bathroom when he needed to go. We weren't sure he did it until he drew a picture of himself doing it and handed it to me. One of those proud momma moments. lol So, basically you are doing well if the pee is in the pot.

They never flipped the bird at each other. (thank goodness)


Kelly said...

ya they have adjusted well, and now they are a part of the family. God knew we needed more boys in the family, so he sent these three to us. Now there should be an equal amount of boys there are of girls in the family.

Karasmith said...

Ha! If only everyone lived by those rules...I know Kohl's would appriciate it!

Anonymous said...

Those sound like easy enough rules. I am glad they are such quick learners!

KarenW said...

As a teacher, I see children all the time that come from some pretty sad circumstances. I'm so glad these three boys now have an awesome family to love them and teach them about the love of Christ. God bless you all!

Halfmoon Girl said...

#3 still needs work at our house. #5 cracked me up!