Sunday, 30 November 2008

Mercy and Forgivness

James and I visted one of our daughters yesterday. Unfortunatly this daughter can't live at our house and it makes me very sad. She came to our family when she was only 7 and had already lived with 12 or so other families. She was so little and cute and very broken.
This daughter is now 16 and has been to three residential placements and just recently a therapeutic foster home. She was not successful with the last family and our visit yesterday was at a shelter where she waits. She waits without hope and assumes she'll fail wherever she's placed.
Somewhere is her biological mother and I'm sure she has no idea that the little girl that she neglected to care for has had a life of hurt and hurting others.
It's hard to pray past our daughter to the mother.


Perri said...

Kate, I understand and I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry too. I'll pray - for both of them.

justjuls said...

The only thing that may make this easier is knowing that mother was probably someone else's abused and neglected little girl -
I hate it when the cycle repeats itself. Thank you for thrusting yourself into the cycle to break it for SO many kids!

Lane said...

I wish she wasn't so hard.

Emily said...

*sigh* Do you interpret dreams? My blog needs all sortof relates.

Fifi said...

She is only hard because she can't trust the world! That is very sad, and i do pray that she meets friends that can teach her the value of trust!
Kate I am sure it must be very hard to see her in this stage.