Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Dad By Any Other Name

Most of the kids that come through our home have a mom before they get here - so figuring out what to call me can be a little awkward. Most have just joined the rest of the household and gone with the "mom" name. Some never have and never will and I'm just "Kate".
Now, the Dad thing is a bit different. Many kids have never met their biological Dad and some have and wish they hadn't. James has never gone by "Dad" but has always been "Poppa". Everyone calls him Poppa. Not a single kid has ever referred to him as anything else. It's like you wouldn't dare. Maybe something to do with James' former life as a Colonel in the military.
However, our new youngest kid thinks Jame's name is "Pops". When he says it - everyone stops.
This morning as he came racing through the kitchen he yells out, "Hey Pops." James patiently again explains that it's "Poppa" not "Pops".
Little guy slips into the bathroom and we hear him practicing as he sits and does his business.
"Poppa, not Pops." "Poppa not Pops."


Kelly said...

When Poppa is in a crowd and one of us yells Poppa, he will always know it is one of his kids.

Emily said...

I'd be scared to call him anything....colonel's scare me. :) All that discipline ability in his little finger.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Emily's comment is funny. Cute story!

Fifi said...

That is adorable! Pops is also quaint!!! He must be a good mentor/father figure to be always called that name!