Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Your Breaking My Heart

It's not been the best day.

I took our foster kids on their first visit with their biological mom since they've been here. Mom has voluntarily given up her rights, so I wasn't really understanding why we were doing visits but delivered them as I was asked.
The girls were happy to see her, but the little guy cried hard when I left....I assume he had forgotten her. (I felt so sad for the mom).

An hour later when I picked them up, I heard the oldest crying even before I saw them. She was devastated to leave her mom. Her face was swollen and red and she was heartbroken. She cried most of the way home and I had nothing I could say to comfort her. Her mom wasn't working to get her back. The middle girl never cried. She was angry. She kicked, she screamed she disobeyed. It was horrible and I knew that her grief was all wrapped inside her furry. The little guy was clingy the rest of the afternoon as he always is when he's unsure of what's going on.

When we got home the social worker called to see how the kids were. We agreed that in this case seeing their mom would only make the healing take longer.

This world stinks sometimes.


Emily said...

I can't imagine you guys NOT being there. With your stable marriage and loads of warm, sweet wonderful for them to be cocooned in your world.

justjuls said...

Yes it does -
I never understand why the adult's needs seem to take precedence over the needs of the kids.

Kelly said...

Yes it does, It is heartbreaking to hear what went on yesterday. For being so young it hurts, being torn from your mother. I have no worries of that ever happening to me. God has put them in this family for a reason.

Christine said...

How hard that must be to watch your kids suffer like that. It is a thing that no matter what the child loses. I'm so glad they are in your lives.

Keet said...

It is stinkier to fall thru the cracks and not be rescued or loved by anyone. Glad you are there to catch them.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I can only imagine how difficult that must be. And my heart goes out to the kids who will struggle with feeling and knowing the one here who is supposed to love them has abandoned them. In that pain I pray that God is swift to step into it and let them know through your love that they are cherished, loved and not forgotten. I pray that his power be huge through the arms of you and your husband.
There is too much pain here. How my heart longs for heaven on days like today.

Fifi said...

oh my.... that's heartbreaking. It must be so hard to watch these little ones have to deal with such heartache. You are such a blessing to them!

KarenW said...

I'm so glad they have you to love them. Thank you for making a difference in their lives.

jblieu said...

What Keet said. Exactly.