Monday, 22 September 2008

P.E. 101

Grace and AnnaClaire are under an umbrella school in Maryland so that when we finish homeschooling their high school years, they'll have a Maryland high school diploma. We really like it. It not only gives them the diploma, but I like the support and oversight during these years.
The only problem for us is the P.E. credit. The girls have to have 120 credit hours over the 4 years of high school.
Seems easy enough.
Not for Grace and Anna. They aren't exactly what you would call athletic. We tried soccer - they hated it. The only thing they liked was the t-shirt and the bag for carrying all their equipment. Mostly they stood around watching the ball go up and down the field.

We tried cheer leading. They loved the outfits! They loved putting their hair in pony tails. Other than that, they mostly complained.

So this year they picked swim clinic. They do like to swim, but more than that, they love the coach, Ms. Pam. Anna doesn't really know any of the strokes, but is learning. Grace can barely keep up with the rigorous work out (kidney failure tends to do that), but they love it. Not just the swim caps or the goggles, they really love the clinic.

My little athletes!

In the picture, the girls are the two on the far left, biting their nails.


Perri said...

They sound like my kids - also non-athletes, but they always love the outfits.

Emily said...

I'm doing an umbrella program here in Washington too! It's pretty cool to have help while I wade up to the BIG POOL...highschool. eek.

Okay, I hadn't even thought about the p.e. credit. one more thing for me to freak out about. And my kids all like sports, but this mama is lazy and doesn't like the time commitments and driving. :)

Karasmith said...

Coming from another non-athlete, it doesn't stop! To get my degree in college I had to take ballet and frisbee. Two of the toughtest classes ever!

Sandy Toes said...

What fun! My kids love to swim and would rather be in water than out! Great exercise!
-Sandy toes