Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Go Away You Scare Me

Yesterday afternoon I looked up and saw a bat hanging from the ceiling of the front porch.
I have no idea why he choose to be there in broad day light - maybe he was lost or maybe he just wanted to creep me out for the fun of it.


justjuls said...

There's a lot in that area! Carol and I opened the umbrella once on her deck, and bats - PLURAL flew out at us! AAAAhhhhhkkkk! Freaky!

Kathie said...

You need to talk about Carmen and her bats. She LIKES her bats.

They do eat bugs.That means less gnats.

Kelly said...

yeah your right it is kinda strange about the bat. Just maybe it wanted to hang around lol

Keet said...

AAWWWW! I want one! :)

Lane said...


girl with a flower tattoo said...

i looooovvve bats. they're so cool!

i went to he zoo and saw some bats this week and learned they can eat two mosquitos per second. they help keep the annoying bugs at a minimum, which makes me happy. unfortunately, they are nearing extinction.