Sunday, 14 September 2008

A Little Confused

Our three new kids have had to learn a lot all at once. All the rules of a new house and all the new stuff about Jesus and God.
We had this conversation today while driving the older girls to swim clinic.
"Mom, Malyia took her arms out of the seat belt."
"Malyia, put your arms back under the belt."
"Cause it's very dangerous and if we got in an accident you could die."
"Would I die on the car for you Mom?"
"No Malyia, this isn't about Jesus on the cross, this is you not wearing your seat belt right, now put your arms back in."
"Okay Mommy"


Emily said...

Yeah, I'd say she has got some facts a bit confused....but at least you know she's listening!

Christine said...

Cute story.