Wednesday, 2 September 2015

God Speaks in the Garden

For the third summer in a row, we've planted our couple of tomato plants close to the back door for easy picking.  Easy for us and harder for the deer.
Each morning for most of the summer I've walked out and God would say "Here's your one beautiful big tomato for your egg sandwich today." There is nothing like slicing a tomato and eating it while it still thinks it's on the vine.
Some days God would say, "Here's your tomato and another for your mom and dad".  It was all really wonderful.

Then a few days ago I went out and He said, "SALSA." 

There were tomatoes everywhere!  You can't ignore 30 tomatoes sitting on your counter no matter how hard you try. We picked all the jalapenos and I got to work canning. The salsa is delicious although the onions and peppers give it and your breath a kick!

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Elena said...

I love salsa with fries!!