Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I'm Sure I Am

Do you know the moment when you realize that you might have a compulsion or two or three......? 

Maybe you've eaten cheese puffs for lunch every day for years weeks and the orange finger tips and smears on your book pages don't bother you any more.  

Maybe you have five unopened packs of black- already sharpened- Ticonderoga-the best pencil in the world, hidden in your desk.  And you want more.

What if your collection of "I've been there magnets" has outgrown every metal surface in your kitchen?

Or you might have stacks of 4 x 6  unruled index cards       (not 3 x 5 ruled-NO!) near you at all times so that you can write grocery lists and assignments and math/science cards and labels. 

That might all be weird. 

1 comment:

Hawthorne Moments said...

Yes!! Or stacks of paper, pens of all sorts (fine point for me), sharpies, crayons, etc....
I have more than we could use in a school year! But yet I can't seem to help myself, when the school supplies come out, to purchase more. More than we need. For fear that I might run out. HAHAHA!!