Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mountain Top

Recently we purchased some acreage in the middle of no-man's land, top of a mountain, West Virginia where the kids could run and explore and shoot guns and ride 4-wheelers and not mess anything up. There is an old, old, very yucky house on the land and we decided to strip it back to the stud walls and start it over.  Friends came up a couple of weekends ago and helped us work.  It was awful - not the friends, they were amazing. Shoveling insulation from the walls and ceiling into a giant the rain. We were tired and sore by the end, but the work is bearable when you walk the woods and see the stream meandering along its path.
 I have visions of the boys off on their adventures and I'm in a hammock in the shade reading book after book after book.
Thanks Buster and Frank for all your help!

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