Saturday, 19 July 2014

Under the Stars

Camping out in the backyard is just as good as any campground for my boys. It only requires a few tents, a fire in the fire pit, lots of sticks and hot dogs and marshmallows. Oh, and someone willing to camp with them. Tents are way less comfortable at my age but I couldn't resist their enthusiasm or the sounds of the night.

  We started talking as we sat around the campfire and we went from scary stories (mine) to the boys telling me about what they loved, times when they failed at something, who they wanted to marry and what was important to them. It was a sweet time listening to these boy’s hearts and I wouldn't have traded it for all the king size comfortable beds in the world. 

 Well, maybe.

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Perri said...

What a precious memory that you will ALL remember. Good times, indeed.