Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Testing the Edge of the Nest

  When our babies are new, we can't even think of leaving them with anyone. I don't think we had a sitter for my girls until they were about 6 and 7.
  But God has a way of preparing our children so that by the time they're ready to go out on their own as adults, it's not all that bad.

  Summer camp gives me a little taste of that.  Our three middles are off for the week at church camp and as I waved goodbye I thought about each one.                                                                                            Isaiah - I'll miss his very quiet, hysterically funny humor.  I won't miss teaching him to drive and wondering if he thinks it's okay to not put the brakes on until he's almost inside the trunk of the car ahead of us. 

Emma - I'll miss her wild, fun craziness. I won't miss her 16 year old girls moods.

Elijah - I'll miss his sweet hugs and kisses. I won't miss........actually he doesn't really annoy me at all.  Guess because he's much further from leaving the nest.

Enjoy the week my loves and don't grow up too quick.

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nicoledoranmusic said...

Nice how God slowly prepares your whole family to keep on growing and expanding in his love--Danielle is going to sleep a little concerned about some birds that fell out of the nest in a storm.