Friday, 4 July 2014

All of Them? YES!

  When you have a big family there are some things that just don't happen. Not many people can invite you over for dinner, because who has that many forks? You can never sit together in a restaurant that has booths or park in down town Baltimore because your vehicle takes up 3 spaces. Your kids do get invited over for sleepovers, but you can send 4 or 5 away and still not have an empty house. 
  But there's that one friend. Mine is Jeanette.  She invites ALL my boys over for a sleep over....and she likes it. She feeds them dinner and even makes pancakes for breakfast. Our house is very quiet on those nights (wonderful) and I know, between her boys and mine, that hers is very not.  
            Hope you have a Jeanette in your life!

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