Thursday, 15 March 2012

There They Go

  My kids play outside at night.  I should be ashamed but I'm beyond that now.  I used to be the mom whose kids would never even ask to go outside at night. Are you serious?  What about baths and picking up bedrooms and sitting down quietly for the evening to maybe read a book?
  That was then.  But this family has taken me down.  Making them sit quietly is an 11 on a scale of 10 being impossible.  They hover at the door in the evening and slip out between the cracks or something.  Next thing I know they're outside at the basketball hoop or running through the backyard playing secret assassin which I hope sounds worse than it is.
  And all that night time fun is like one of those silent dog whistles that calls the other kids in the neighborhood to slip away from the nice plans their mom's had for them.
  I know I should make them come in earlier and have them take their baths.
  But it's so nice and quiet in here.


jen said...

agree. <3

jen said...

by the way... so good "seeing" you. :)