Saturday, 24 March 2012

The First 20 Years and Counting

  Today was Jake's 28th birthday and the first he's spent with us in a few years.  
  Jake came to our family as an 8 year old and was the first boy to invade our all girl/sister family.  I was out of my element.  After living with us for a few weeks I complained to James that he had gone through 3 outfits in one day because he kept getting dirty.  A boy - dirty?  I was so ridiculous.
  Life has continued to be interesting with Jake.  Interesting being a code word for hard, sweet, annoying, heart breaking and wonderful.  He isn't equipped to live as an adult on his own and we are finding our way to giving him the dignity to live a productive life within the family.  He has proven to be a loyal son, protective big brother and caring uncle.  
  We have your back Jacob - happy birthday!


Just Juls said...

Aw! Happy Birthday Jake!

Samantha said...

Love you, Jake! Very proud of you!! Happy birthday!

Dandelion Wishes said...

What a wonderful story and young man.