Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Teach Me!

Is anyone else getting excited about school starting?

I love the summer and wish the lazy days would never end......but then there's the Sonlight Curriculum for this year sitting on the shelf waiting for us and we want it!! Never before have we loved schooling like we have since using Sonlight. The kids look at the books they're going to be reading and imagine the people they will get to know and what their lives are about. And that's what makes Sonlight so a
wesome. History isn't just facts with this curriculum, it's people and missionaries and their thoughts and struggles. It's a very personal diary of a time in the past.

I found this on the classroom blackboard.
Thanks Sonlight!!


Luke said...

That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing [smile].

And, speaking of sharing, have you checked out the new Rewards program? If you're going to tell people about Sonlight, wouldn't it be nice to save both of you a few bucks? Of course it would! [smile]


jblieu said...

"Is anyone else getting excited about school starting?"


Fifi said...

jblieu ..... then you need to check out Sonlight!!!!hehe ...... I am an ardent fan of Sonlight, so I understand you Kate ... TOTALLY!!!! What core are you starting?

Samantha said...

Oh Joanne!! Don't be a party pooper! I'm totally excited about school starting!!
Although I'm still trying to figure out little things like what will I do with all the nonschool aged kiddos while Lacy and I are working. Ductape comes to mind, but the department frowns on those kinds of things...

KarenW said...

I am always excited about the new school year! We begin on August 31.