Sunday, 2 August 2009

Many Hands

Sometimes the amount of work involved in raising so many kids at once is staggering - but equally as impressive is the volume of labor that a group this size can accomplish. We first noted this on vacation when we unpacked at the beach house. In a matter of minutes the van was empty and the house full.

Yesterday we were happily surprised as well.
The largest of our Bradford Pear trees in the front yard split and fell to the ground. James took advantage of the huge mess and trimmed the trees around it providing a job for every person in the family. Most of us had to haul the branches down to the brush pile where even Grace got in on the action and stacked the limbs and logs we brought her. The kids were awesome and the sheer number of them working accomplished the job in no time.

And what better way to finish work than a cool down in the pool.


Emily said...

What? No picture of Grace and her hard work? She's become a star of late on your blog. How's she feeling?

so, is the basic idea of this post that we should all have more kids, so we can keep our houses cleaner? 'Cause that works for me. ;)

jblieu said...

Just the perfect thing for those energetic little boys!