Monday, 16 February 2009

Plain Old Normal

Something small happened yesterday, but it was huge. Our boys got invited to a sleepoever.
The mom was happy to have them over because, "your boys are so nice."
This was like tying me to a ballon and flying me to the world of normal. I hung up the phone and almost cried.
We've had a long, long, long string of really wonderful and really hard and really weird foster kids. The kind that the bus driver sits right behind him and the teachers want to help and everyone admires you for taking care of them and nobody EVER invites them over to play, let alone for a sleepover.
I packed them up and I missed them and when they got home I looked at their regular little faces and I prayed my 19th prayer of thanks for just regular stuff.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes normal can be pretty great. You had your little genius foster, and now these regular guys - your ministry must be heading in a new direction!

Autumn Quiles said...


Emily said...

What Autumn said. That rocks.