Sunday, 17 June 2018

My Apologies to Hopewell Virginia

I offer my apologies to the wonderful, honest people of Hopewell, Virginia. I misjudged you on my shallow perception of your character, based on my observation of your town. You have obviously experienced hard times as noted by the many closed stores, neglected homes and run down streets.
Image result for hopewell va sign welcome Yesterday we ate in one of your restaurants.  There was an interesting group of fellow patrons. One elderly lady had hair color that rivaled the brightest sunset. I couldn't look away. Most were dressed in things I had never considered wearing and some people seemed as though they had worn the same clothes for a month.  I felt as if we were in a different country.
 When I got to the car I realized I had left my phone inside.  I was sure I would never see it again...because... well... you all looked very different from my family.
 Shame on me. I went inside and asked and YES, someone had turned it in!
  So to all you amazing people in Hopewell...Thank You! I'm glad to have my phone and even happier for this lesson in being humble.

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