Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Work with What You're Given

  As we're wrapping up the school year (I'm so ready to be done), we're looking forward to our annual trip to the beach. Moving this many people to the beach for 3 weeks requires enormous amounts of preparation, organization and boxes of cereal.  And as I have hopes to do as little as possible when I get there, I decided that this school week would be home economics.  Which means that my children would be chopping, measuring, stirring and assembling meals for the freezer.

 Did I mention that my help consists of 7 boys?  And boys are different - almost strange actually. They seem to think that everything must be stirred four hundred and fifty times more than is necessary and their chopping took on a ninja feel. There was a good bit of sifting through sauces to find missing spoons and I'm not real sure that there was much effort given to accurate measurements, but we did it!  I have dreams of sitting on the beach while my precooked meals are happily warming in the oven.

  And did I mention that we take a freezer fully loaded onto a trailer that is then plugged back in when we arrive? Seriously.

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Dawn said...

That last line gave me the giggles. IT is a very well executed plan.Have a wonderful rest.
Blessings, Dawn