Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How To Do 92 Perfectly

  A few days ago we celebrated my dad's 92nd birthday, complete with a german chocolate cake that my mom (a much younger 91 year old) baked.  He didn't get a whole lot of presents because as he is fond of saying, he already has everything he needs. I don't know what wish he made when he blew out his candles, but I know that he is everything I could have wished for in a father. He's a pretty quiet guy and has the kind of soft heart that makes him cry whenever he talks about the things he loves. And if I am sure of one thing in life it is that he loves me. I should be taking care of him by this point but he still comes to my rescue all the time - driving my kids when I can't, cleaning our pool or mowing our grass when we're away. So happy birthday again Daddy. I love you!

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