Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stepping Carefully Out of the Nest

AnnaClaire has been attending our local community college for the last few semesters.  She's done well, but recently she's felt that God was calling her to attend a Bible college.  Her heart has been challenged to go into missionary work since we studied Sonlight's countries around the world in her 10th grade.  In homeschool  the study of geography can lead your children to follow God's heart for their life!!
She has applied to a Bible College in our state and got her acceptance letter this week!  She is super excited which is no small thing for her.  AnnaClaire was in her early teens when she came to us and she was READY for security in her life.  She held on tight to us and blossomed in the close relationships.  She said many many times that she would never leave our house and we just smiled and hugged her. Now she's ready to go and live 4 hours from us.  Which proves that Beatles's song..."All you need is love", and well - some Jesus and time and perseverance and that's all she needs .

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One Thankful Mom said...

Such a lovely young lady who has come so far. Jesus is amazing, and I suspect you are an amazing mother.