Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sent with Love

 Corinne chose the way she wanted to spend her last evening in America.  She wanted chicken soup for dinner followed by a family walk around the neighborhood.  We finished the night with a drive to the Cone Zone and Corinne treated everyone to ice-cream. One by one as the kids went to bed they came to her and hugged and said their final good-byes and this morning while we slept, James drove her to the airport for her flight back to China.  
  Last night we sat on her bed together talking and she said that she felt so different than the person who had arrived here a year ago.  She talked about how her life had been driven by a single goal - to excel in academics.  This year has opened her mind and heart to so much more.  She learned how to spend time playing and being silly.  She has put up with a huge family from anyone's perspective, let alone a citizen of a "one child policy" nation and that's been good.  Corinne had the opportunity to travel and see so much of our country and most importantly she had the chance to meet God.  It was no surprise to me that He had prepared her heart to be so open and her last prayer was that she would be able to be closer to God and tell China about Him.
  There is a little piece of our family making it's way, right now, across the skies back to her world and we will miss Corinne.  
  If you get the opportunity, consider sponsoring an exchange student.  Start your own missionary training school around your kitchen table!
  We love you Corinne.


Perri said...

What a blessing. For everyone.

Anonymous said...

it is certainly worth noting the fashion choices of the children in the picture....

Anonymous said...

Bye Corrinne! Will miss seeing you. Hope you and Christiana will Skype sometime.

Emily said...

This was a timely post for me. My kids became very close friends with a Chinese foreign exchange student as well this year. We saw him for the last time yesterday. There were 30 people sending him off...correction...there were 30 Christians sending him off. We laid on hands, prayed and just blessed him. I can't imagine being a new Christian in a country that is NOT friendly to your faith. (nor a mother who will accept this)
I am just super impressed with how God is working out his will through his young people.

I'm totally praying for China now, as it's so much more REAL to me. I'm sure that you feel the same.

What a wonderful chance for your student to see a large family who loves God, up close and personal. In fact, it was a gift for her.