Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"You're a freak with a red nose and nobody likes you." the Grinch

All I wanted was a Christmas tree.....and some lights and well, you have to have the stockings hung and those little candles in every window, but it was hard this year.  

Getting all the kids together at one time has been a challenge.  David is working and going to school and is buying his first home.....all at the same time. (I'll tell you later about helping him find a house - it was just like House Hunters!)  AnnaClaire has a job and Corinne is on the basketball team at school and of course there are church programs and parties and recitals.  It's been like waiting for the planets to align trying capture everyone for our must do Christmas traditions.

This Sunday we carved out time after the early service at church (which I will never attempt to go to again) and before AnnaClaire left for work and finally chopped down our tree.  This year it was Ezra's turn to cut the tree and he didn't do too bad.  

It's perfect of course and we decorated it while listening to our favorite Christmas music - the soundtrack from "The Grinch". I gave the kids all the beautiful bulbs to hang first and enjoyed a 20 second view of my lovely tree before they started hanging the "kid made" decorations.  We have boxes full of  Rudolphs made from candy canes and stars made of gingerbread that crumble a little more each year and miniature wreaths with pictures of kids I don't even remember anymore.

But I'm happy with it and all is now well in Whooville!


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Love it!!! Christmas looks so fun at your house:)