Saturday, 18 December 2010

MIlestones - Tossing It To the Curb!

We just celebrated Jeremiah's 8th birthday and there's reason to celebrate.
Yes, of course he's wonderful and he's grown so much and we can't believe what a great son he is, however, the real reason for celebration.....
We're down to 1 car seat!!
In West Virginia to graduate from a car seat you have to be 8 or 4'9".  My short children apparently won't be 4'9" until middle school, so 8 years is the goal.
We placed our daughter Kirsten in a car seat in 1977 and it's been an unending nuisance of buckling and strapping and figuring the stupid things out since then.
So Jeremiah has been liberated and we only have one more to go.

Happy Birthday Jeremiah and good riddance to your car seat!


jblieu said...

YAY! And Happy Birthday to Jeremiah!

Shelby said...

Happy Birthday we missed you!!!! Tell us how you do Christmas with that number of kids.

Kathie said...

What a beautiful thing!! We retired our last car seat in November.

Happy Belated birthday to Jeremiah!