Sunday, 24 January 2010


Yesterday was our monthly BINGO night. This incredibly fun tradition started when Jeremiah received a BINGO game at his class gift exchange.

And it's a BIG deal at our house. The teens will even cancel all plans with friends to participate.

Everyone has to donate a prize to be eligible to play and the prize has to be approved by me. That leaves out most action figures and Bible coloring books. Boxed candy from the Dollar Tree is always welcomed and James usually has an old phone to donate which often is the Top Prize of the night.

We put out tons of junk food, which although not good for you, is way better than the chain smoking that usually accompanies Bingo games.

I always get to be the caller - because I'm the Mom.

Last night the grandkids were invited and not only did we have a fantastic time, but Jocelyn and Sam had some great reading number practice!


jblieu said...

Who was the big winner? What was the prize?

Perri said...

What a fun idea!

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