Tuesday, 29 September 2009

What We Don't Know

Grace had a regular kidney transplant follow up visit at Children's Hospital today. She has been allowed to stretch the visits to every other week now that her new kidney is 2 months old in her body. The visits have been routine to the point of boring, but today I sensed something was up. Her doctor explained that her creatine number was climbing. That's scary and signals that the kidney isn't working correctly. The transplant team was concerned that we might be looking at early signs of rejection. It was hard to hear. Other causes of the higher creatine could be a blockage of some kind or too high levels of one of her medicines. She had an immediate ultrasound which showed no blockage. We were sent home with orders to lower the medicine amount and to repeat her labs in a week.

Wait and see.

Grace was worried and I was scared. Not another set back for her.

I called my friend Adela on the ride home and after listening to my recount of the bad visit she simply said, "Well, I guess God isn't finished with Grace yet."

She's right. We have no reason to doubt God who has brought her through cancer and tumors and kidney disease.

Wait and trust.


Perri said...

wait and trust and pray.
Which I will be doing.

Emily said...

Read this last night and prayed for Grace. Isn't it just like a best friend to know just what we need to hear? God isn't finished with her. Nope.
He wants her testimony to be so incredible that she's able to touch people. She'll have such a rock solid FAITH that when medical people had no hope, she saw God MOVE. Which He does....over and over.

jen said...

{{Kate}}I will be praying

momahall said...

Her name is "GRACE" after all. I pray peace over you all. Baby steps, and daily surrender. Oh, the little joys of life to be thankful for.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Getting caught up on your blog again- I can't seem to get your updates in my reader- will have to try that again. I will pray as well. Your blog is such an encouragement to me. Wait and trust- I totaly agree, though it is hard to do sometimes as a mom, but it is the only way to have peace in such situations. I love the encouragement your friend gave you.